Improve the beauty, flexibility, range and strength of your voice with simple, enjoyable exercises.

Lessons take place in a large, sunny music studio overlooking the peaceful Leazes moor, just a few minutes away from the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. There is an excellent acoustic, and we have a Bechstein grand piano, "lovingly donated" by Finchcocks Musical Museum.

Students of all abilities are welcome. Some are university students, or gifted schoolchildren: some sing in fine local choruses, on cruise ships, in cathedral choirs, or are preparing solo work, whether as folk singers, or in opera, oratorio or musicals.

Grow in confidence by participating in regular concerts: try out your repertoire with a fine accompanist and a helpful, friendly and receptive audience.

Mend a damaged voice, or find the voice you always knew you had: everybody can sing!

During early July each year, classes move to

Valtice Early Music Summer School, Moravia (Czech Republic).


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