Singing tuition


Improve the beauty, the flexibility, the range and the strength of your voice with simple, enjoyable exercises.

Lessons take place in a large, sunny music studio overlooking the peaceful Leazes moor, just a few minutes away from the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. There is an excellent acoustic, and a Bechstein grand piano is on loan from Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst, Kent.

Students of all abilities are welcome: some are university students; some are gifted schoolchildren; others sing in fine local choruses; on cruise ships; in cathedrals; or are preparing solo work, whether as folk singers, or in opera, oratorio or musicals.

Grow in confidence by participating in regular concerts: try out your repertoire with a fine accompanist and a helpful, friendly and receptive audience.

Mend a broken voice, or find the voice you always knew you had: everyone can sing!

During early July each year, classes move to Valtice Early Music Summer School, Moravia (Czech Republic).

Useful info:

- Singing with a cold

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